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1 month travelling – minimalist packing guide


A year ago I would never have pictured myself as a light traveller, especially not as a minimalist. But a lot have happened and I’ve learned, from my always over packed carry-on, that I always bring a lot of unnecessary things.
This year I’ve decided to only bring my fjallraven 15″ which is less than half of the amount I usually bring with me. I’m going to Italy, as I do every single year during the summer break. This year I’m going to be away for 1 month. I’m travelling with my sister and we’re, as half Italians, not going to spend time being tourists or constantly sunbathing at a five star hotel.
When we arrive we’re going to spend the noon at Milano, from where we’ll get the train to Finale Ligure. My grandmother will pick us up and we’re going to stay at her place for two weeks. She lives in Loano. Afterwards we’ll be heading back to Milano by train where my friend from Denmark will arrive. All three together we’re going, again by train, to Verona, Bussolengo which is our final destination for the last two weeks. Except from a one-day trip to Venice.
Travelling light is way easier and comfortable than having a carry on to carry around in trains and metros. This is my first time travelling as a minimalist and I’m really looking forward to see if I can get through it without problems.
As I really enjoy watching packing guides on youtube and reading blogposts about it I thought, that I would do one myself, so here you go!

First of all I have my fjallraven kånken which is getting pretty old and used. Even though it’s an amazing rucksack I’ll probably buy a new one for next time.

In the front pocket I have some paper clips, mainly because I always need one for my train tickets, journaling and random stuff. Then I have a pillar case for my ibuprofen. Usually I don’t take painkillers but after I’ve experienced food poisoning in a foreign country I decided to bring them with me. It’s literally a nightmare going to the farmaci not knowing exactly what you’re searching for and purchasing it anyway. Therefor, always bring 1-2 painkillers from home. Then I have an acupuncture ring, which is amazing for train rides if you have a constant need to do something with your fingers. The coloured wooden thingy has the same purpose. And then a pen or two for journaling.

In the computer pocket in the back of my rucksack I have all my contact lenses, which i’ve unpacked from the paper chase after taking the picture. Then I have a small journal, and three novels (one unpictured).
In the main pocket I have my clothes, toiletries and snacks.

I’m bringing 6 tank tops, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, 1 long sleeve, 3 pairs of socks, 2 bikinis, unpictured undies and 2 cardigans with me. No bras because free the nipple!!

My toiletries consists of coconut oil, toothpaste, sun protecting cream, bobby-pens, an unpictured shampoo bar (from lush) and my diva cup.

Then I have a pencil case where my bamboo toothbrush and bamboo cutlery are stored. As i’m staying with family I won’t be needing the cutlery for the main meals but if i’m out having some take away food it’s way better than plastic cutlery. If I had one I would have brought a metal straw with me as well. And a spork instead of the fork and spoon.

Beside my fjallraven I’m also bringing my go-to small shoulder back, which is a thrifted one I bought 4 years ago – and still absolutely love. In here I have my passport, iPhone, earphones, wet napkins (not pictured), wallet, sunglasses and my three favorite crystals; citrine, amethyst and one which name I can’t remember right now).

Then I have my water bottle which I’ll carry around wherever I go, a small tote back which I actually just sew last night, without a sewing machine :(((( poor me, which this time contains some danish sugar peas, a piece of black bean brownie and a date bar.

When travelling I’ll be wearing a long pair of trousers, a white loose tank top, a cardigan and my Birkenstock which are the only pair of shoes I’ll bring with me.


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